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20 years is a milestone for any artistic or musical endeavor, and Pulseblack is celebrating in style with the release of a new compilation. The appropriately titled We Are 20 features a plethora of the Chicago independent imprint’s diverse roster, presenting an array of new songs, rarities, and several classics from the likes of Deep, Everplastic, Ataxis, The Box Boys, Bailigero, GoFight, Jane Jensen, Vessy Mink, Sister Sarin, and more. It was with the release of Die Warzau’s Convenience in 2004 that the label became a hub for co-founders Jim Marcus and Van Christie to showcase their numerous collaborations and side projects, affording the artists a means to circumvent changes in the music industry at the time that were unfavorable to such outlets. We Are 20 will be released commercially on Friday, January 26, available via the Pulseblack Bandcamp at a price of $20 – $1.00 per track. In the coming weeks, each track will also be presented in their own special promotions in an effort to amplify each of the participating artists’ voices to the masses.
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Along with We Are 20, Jim Marcus has issued an accompanying statement:

One of the things that is so great about music is that it is instantly able to conjure up memories of people, and in this case, it’s just a series of memories of the people that I love. Working with my brother Van Christie in the basement on Box Boys tracks before we even put out our first Die Warzau Record, sitting next to my friends Chris Smits, Audrey Cho, Greg Lucas, listening back to an Everplastic song that somehow became a staple in strip clubs one insane year, recording one of our strangest Die Warzau tracks ever while learning about Dan Evans, who would become one of my best friends ever, doing our first dumb quick demo of a GoFight song together with Vince McAley a decade later, laughing in the studio with Emilie Autumn, with Michael Rose, Vessy Mink, and on and on. The people I’ve been able to work with are this brilliant venn diagrammatic overlap of the people I trust the most professionally and the ones I trust the most personally. Like Jane Jensen, whose talent made me swoon over 30 years ago, to my current partner Sapphira Vee, who is just good at everything. Sometimes we get lucky and we can just fall in love with what we do and the people we do it with. I got very lucky over the last 20 years, and it seems to be holding. And even the sad songs, like ‘The Last Disco Underground,’ written for the close of NEO and only ever performed once, hit a little different to me when I conjure up who was right next to me through it all. And I don’t forget.

In addition, Pulseblack is partnering with ReGen Magazine for this special pre-release promotion; with the implementation of the $5/month tier on the ReGen Patreon, supporters are given free Bandcamp yum codes for a new release each month. Between today, Monday, January 22 and the compilation’s Friday, January 26 release date, the first 50 new subscribers to the $5/month tier will be given a free yum code to download We Are 20! “In our musical community, art thrives best with the mutual support of everyone involved,” states ReGen editor-in-chief Ilker Yücel, “we’re so thrilled and grateful to be working with Pulseblack and hope that this not only brings more supporters to them and to ReGen.”
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From all of us at ReGen to everyone at Pulseblack, our Patreon supporters, and all of our readers… you have our deepest and most profound gratitude! “ReGenerate Your Minds!”


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