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Brooklyn post-punk act Clone has been steadily building up a sizeable following since 2019, now culminating in the forthcoming debut album, CL. 1. Led by vocalist LG Galleon (Dead Leaf Echo), the band is a veritable supergroup featuring drummer Gregg Giuffre (Pilot to Gunner), bassist Max Idas, and Dominic Turi sharing guitar and keyboard duties with Galleon, while the live lineup features Paul Liziragga (Namesake) and Alex Cox (The Veldt). From CL. 1 comes the “Dividing Line” single and video, which Galleon has nicknamed the “Donnie” song; “Yes, it’s about Donald Trump,” Galleon elaborates, “It’s when our former failed leader tried to incite a race riot during the pandemic,” delivered acerbically in the chorus of “Get up, cause Donnie wants to start a fire / Get up cause Donnie wants to start a riot / Start a fire fire fire fire fire fire fight!” The band goes on to express the belief in music’s capacity to affect change, calling it a “galvanizing, redemptive power” often thought to be found in youthful imagination and written for the scarred and lonely, but available to all who listen. The video for “Dividing Line” was created by Preston Spurlock utilizing different artistic forms, including claymation, digital rendering, and hand drawn illustrations.

“Dividing Line” and the preceding “Immutable” single will be featured on CL. 1, due for release on June 21 via Little Cloud Records and 5BC Records. The album was co-produced by Galleon with Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Brian Eno, Dresden Dolls) at BC Studios, with pre-orders now available in digital, CD, and vinyl formats on Bandcamp.


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