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Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. has attained a somewhat mythic status in the annals of modern music; as the highly limited and incredibly rare debut from Slipknot, the album was the only recording to feature original vocalist Anders Colsefni, who departed from the band to focus on his band Painface. This past October, Colsefni joined forces with Kiwi industrial/nü-metal band Kaosis and Waylon Revis (REVillusion, A Killer’s Confession, ex-Mushroomhead) on the NuMetal Mayhem Tour of Australia and New Zealand, during which they would perform Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. in its entirety – the first time the album has been played live since 1996. Upon the tour’s completion, Colsefni and Kaosis took to the studio for a complete re-recording of Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat., now available via Blood Blast Records and Rail Records on all major streaming services. Produced and mixed by Kaosis in Aotearoa, NZ, the new version features faithfully executed renditions of the album’s eight tracks, supplemented with new arrangements, as well as additional vocals completed by Colsefni with his son, Junior, in Iowa. He goes on to dedicate the new recording to his former bandmates drummer Joey Jordison and bassist Paul Gray, both of whom have since passed away in 2021 and 2010, respectively; calling them his “eternal brothers,” Colsefni states, “I miss them both deeply every day and I hope that this tribute to them honors their memory and our everlasting friendship.”

Originally released on Halloween of 1996 in a limited run of 1,000 copies, Slipknot distributed over 600 copies of the album independently to fans, radio stations, and record labels before the remainder was picked up by -ismist Recordings. Bootlegs have surfaced over the years, but the album has never previously been released to streaming services, and has remained a valuable rarity that has eluded many of the most ardent fan. Most recently, Painface began reissuing its back catalog, with a new EP to be released this year; Kaosis released the Hitech – Lowlife debut in 2019, and has since been revealing a series of singles to lead up to the We Are the Future sophomore effort.


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