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Friday, July 5 saw the premiere of “Blacklist,” the latest single from Chicago’s [melter], via CVLT Nation. As the first new material from the duo of Robert Hyman and Jax Allos since the self-titled EP release in May of last year, the song presents the band’s blend of darkwave, industrial, and raw noise textures; mastered by William Faith (The Bellwether Syndicate, Faith and the Muse) at 13 Studio, the single includes a live recording of “Blacklist” from [melter]’s February 16 performance at LiveWire Lounge, along with a live rendition of “Raw” from Fallen Log on February 24. “‘Blacklist’ started off as a looped workout song that I would vocalize over,” Allos explains, stating that the lyrical additions rendered it a personal anthem surrounding themes of selling out and unrealized potential. Hyman adds that Allows had built on the electronic foundations he laid down for the song, commenting that “The song evolved into a powerful and driving backbone to Jax’s dynamic and textured vocal performance.” The accompanying video was created by MoK Films, while the “Blacklist” single is available now on Bandcamp in digital and CD formats.


In addition, [melter] will be embarking on a series of tour dates with Hemlock For Socrates from July 26 to August 11. As the duo’s first tour, Hyman says, “we are excited to play cities we’ve not played before and to perform to new audiences,” while Allos comments, “I’m ecstatic about travelling, in part because I can tackle some of the things on [melter]’s to-do list.” Stops on the summer tour include Louisville, Colum,bus, Madison, Cincinnati, Chicago, and Pittsburgh. In September, [melter] will also join the Imperfect Waves Tour with Plasmata and 2 Forks from September 20-29, performing in Tampa, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Richmond, and more. A full listing of tour dates can be found on the bands’ websites.


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