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Through multiple outlets, Ars Nikonov has established himself as a staple artist for the FiXT imprint. Now, he has released a new single under his cyberpunk industrial bass moniker of Kodeseven, titled “Repo Division,” through which he examines the various personalities inhabiting a futuristic dystopian metropolis; the title clearly draws inspiration from similarly titled sci-fi films as 2010’s Repo Men and the 2008 rock opera Repo! The Genetic Opera. Written, produced, mixed, and mastered entirely by Nikonov, “Repo Division” is now available to purchase/stream via Bandcamp; the song marks Kodeseven’s fourth single since the March 2023 release of the project’s self-titled debut, following “Tech Noir,” “In Black,” and “Midnight,” all leading up to a sophomore outing that “ventures further into the exploration of dark, futuristic soundscapes and the enigmatic stories of heroes and villains navigating neon-lit streets.” Nikonov is also the artist behind synthwave project Fury Weekend, and is half of the electro/metal duo Nitroverts.


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