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Raw Blood Singing marks the latest full-length studio offering from the Berlin-based Insect Ark, with “The Frozen Lake” providing hints of what the album has in store. Essentially a murder ballad, founder Dana Schechter explains the darkly romantic tale to be about a spurned lover who tells of his sacrifice by her hand, resulting in a grim ending in which both are set free. The song emanated from a lap steel guitar riff performed by Schechter, with drummer Tim Wyskida incorporating fast and powerful percussion from what was originally a separate idea; “I’ve always liked pieces of music that shift suddenly and drastically between inconspicuously related environments,” he comments, saying that “divergent environments collide” in the track. A visualizer for “The Frozen Lake” made its premiere today, April 24.

“The Frozen Lake” is the second track from the forthcoming album, following last month’s reveal of “Youth Body Swayed,” with Raw Blood Singing to arrive on June 7 via Debemur Morti Productions. Pre-orders for the album in digital, CD, and vinyl formats are available now through the Insect Ark webstore and Bandcamp; written and recorded over the course of a year, with the intent “to create a sonic landscape which vacillates between sensory overload and isolation in a seething void,” the album is the first outing from Insect Ark as a duo, the band having initially been a solo endeavor for Schechter, who wrote most of the songs alone before Wyskida joined and “gutted, reworked, and rebirthed” the material. Schechter had previously been a member of Michael Gira’s Angels of Light before joining Swans in 2020, forming Bee and Flower in 1999, and then Insect Ark in 2011, releasing 2015’s Portal/Well, Marrow Hymns in 2018, The Vanishing in 2021, and 2021’s Future Fossils. Wyskida is also a member of doom metal act Khanate, and has previously been a member of Jodis and Blind Idiot God.


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