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Pelagic Records has revealed “Underworld” as the lead single from i Häxa, the dark electronic outlet of Rebecca Need-Menear and producer/multi-instrumentalist Peter Miles, offering the first taste of an ambitious audiovisual project. As the first track off the forthcoming Part 1 EP, the track is indicative of the artist’s blend of genres, incorporating harsh and droning electronic soundscapes with alt. folk melodic sensibilities and even hints of rock and electro-pop, with the accompanying video serving only as a teaser – a portion of the larger 15-minute feature; created with director Daniel Broadley, Part 1 follows a wraithlike woman through an eerie and shifting dream occupied by familiar faces within unknown spaces, each track of the EP serving as an auditory movement to the movie’s soundtrack. Thematically drawing as much from the modern world as from ancient ritual, Pelagic describes i Häxa as “history and hyper-real, everybody and no one at all…” Produced by Miles, Part 1 also features instrumental contributions by cellist Maddie Cutter, vocalist Rachel Sermanni, and keyboardist Patrick James Pearson; the EP is due for release on February 16 and is now available for digital pre-order on Bandcamp. Furthermore, i Häxa will be releasing additional parts using the seasonal solstices of 2024 as waypoints, with the full-length album project for release in November, encompassing all four segments.”The project charts an existential journey to the very depths of what makes us human, with every impassioned pang amplified in glitched-out, technicolour glory, before ultimately pulling everything together as one awesome, unified whole.” Need-Menear is best known for her work with electro/alt. rock duo Anavae, while Miles has worked with the likes of Architexts, Dodie, and Fizz.



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