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From the Swedish electro/darkwave duo’s latest EP comes the video for “Tunnels and the Desert Too,” presented as a frenetic visual loop to match the song’s throbbing energy. Lyrics like “I’m searching high and searching low” and repetitions of “I’m losing sight of you” are compounded by the red-tinted and partially obscured images of Markus Majdalani and Johan Eckerström to emphasize themes of loss and the struggle to find direction, the visualizer intended to demonstrate Hatif’s “fusion of sound and visual artistry.” The song marks the second single, after “Disappear in Seoul,” from the Silent Elevators EP, released via Town And Towers Records on November 17, 2023 and available now on Bandcamp; the EP follows up on the band’s 2022 album Everything is Repetition, with the standalone singles of “Heredity,” “Long Year,” and the Agent Side Grinder remix of “Pool” appearing in the interim. Hatif is currently working on new material and planning continued live performances.



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