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When she’s not singing for Ego Likeness or designing clothes and accessories in Garbage Witch, Donna Lynch is also an accomplished poet and authoress of dark and gothic fiction. Now, she has announced that she will be embarking on a Spoken Word Tour, in which she will be reading from her poetry collections Choking Back the Devil and Girls From the Country, both of which earned her Bram Stoker Award nominations in 2019 and 2022, respectively. With a full itenerary currently in the works, the tour begins with an intimate V.I.P. performance on Thursday, June 6 at a private residence in the Washington, DC area, hosted by Lori Beth of Spellbound DC – full details can be found on the Facebook event page. The tour will also be chronicled for an art and travel documentary in production, titled The Road Out of the County.
Other poetry collections by Lynch include 2000’s In My Mouth, 2007’s Ladies and Other Vicious Creatures, and 2018’s Witches; 2008 saw the publication of her novel Isabel Burning via Raw Dog Screaming Press, followed in 2012 by the Driving Through the Desert novella via Thunderstorm Books, and then the 2013 prequel Red Horses. Most of Lynch’s publications include illustrations by her husband and Ego Likeness band mate Steven Archer, also a noted author and prominent visual artist; the pair also released the Daughters of Lilith art book in 2010.
Ego Likeness’ last release of original material was the Wolves EP in June of 2020, while April of last year saw the band’s cover of Madonna’s 1986 hit “Live to Tell.” The band is slated to perform at Little Mutants in Lancaster, PA with Silver Walks and EVA X, presented by Shadowland, with additional info available on the Facebook event page, and tickets available via EventBrite.
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