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Hyperbubble – the Texan synthpop duo of Jess and Jeff DeCuir – has over more than two decades earned the status of a beloved cult band, releasing numerous albums and performing internationally with a frequency and vigor to rival the biggest names in the genre. Directed by Joe Wallace and presented by Artlab TX, Cowgirls and Synthesizers not only chronicles Hyperbubble’s storied history, but also spotlights female artists in electronic music, as exemplified by the supplementary soundtrack album; due to arrive on March 21, the Cowgirls and Synthesizers soundtrack album features contributions from Manda Rin (Bis, The Powerpuff Girls), Liz Enthusiasm and Christmas Disco-Marie Sagan (Freezepop), Krista Muir (Lederhosen Lucil), musician/voice actress Samantha Newark (Jem, Twisted Metal: Black), and more. The soundtrack will be released in digital, CD, and limited edition yellow vinyl formats, with an autographed and numbered bandana included.

Movie PosterCowgirls and Synthesizers is currently being screened around the world, with a list of screenings available via Film Freeway. Narrated by Top 40 producer and Eurovision veteran Ricardo Autobahn, the documentary also focuses on Hyperbubble’s journey to Nashville to record an electro-pop/country hybrid; the feature includes interviews with Thereminist Dorit Chrysler, fashion guru Manuel Cuevas, cosmic cowboy Garett T Capps, filmmaker Ari Gold, and members of Freezepop, Simple Carnival, Shoes, Lederhosen Lucil, Helen Love, and Our Daughters Wedding. From Theremins to fashion, gratitude for the band’s cat Smoky to anecdotes about learning about branding and the music industry through dumpster diving, Cowgirls and Synthesizers is as entertaining as it is informative. During filming, Hyperbubble took part in Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” song contest as part of the promotion for the NetFlix series Heartstrings, which they’d won.


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