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Bristol and London based independent imprint Derelict State Records has unveiled a new compilation, titled Dereliction. The label’s roster focuses primarily on the various styles of modern electronic – from trip-hop, dub, and breakbeat, to industrial, EBM, and even progressive modes of hip-hop – with Dereliction presenting 22 tracks from the label’s roster; among the artists included are Allflaws, Error Spectre, Turning into Humans, Coda 27, Binary Virus, Sentient Signals, Maxim Martyr, and Holographic Mortal. Released on April 1, Dereliction can be streamed on Spotify, and purchased via Amazon and iTunes. Derelict State Records co-founder Daniel Proctor explains that the label has deliberately eschewed a widespread social media presence, focusing their efforts on “artists who have substance and something different from the usual commercialized genres.” To assist in this goal, as well as to generate different streams of revenue, the imprint also offers mixing and mastering services from the artists on the roster, licensing music for television and motion pictures, and sync licensing.


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