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Chris Connelly remains as prolific as ever with his numerous collaborations and band memberships, the Sons of the Silent Age tribute band to David Bowie, as well as his solo output. While he’s been a mainstay of the Chicago music scene for more than 30 years, his roots remain firmly planted in Edinburgh, Scotland, which serves as a backdrop to his latest release, titled The Lives and Loves of the Serial Homesick, whose first volume of eight songs was released today, April 1. “I no longer live there,” Connelly explains, “but I miss it badly and have never felt at home anywhere except Edinburgh,” with the album providing what he calls an impressionistic view of life in the Scottish capital, recalling the “unfinished business, unresolved aspirations” of his youth that initially led him to begin writing music. He goes on to say that he’d spent time wandering the streets following the death of his mother in 2023, with “Fini Chagall” and its accompanying video by Kimberly Blessing featuring vintage footage by Angus Cameron of legendary electronic group Fini Tribe, which Connelly co-founded in 1984.

The Lives and Loves of the Serial Homesick, Volume 1 is now available in digital and CD formats via Bandcamp, with all physical copies including original charcoal and pencil drawings by Connelly depicting various memories surrounding the album; the drawings are not copies, but are originals created for each album, with the artist stating that their creation “was visceral, emotional, and a lot of fun.” Mastered by James Scott at Populist Recordings, Connelly wrote, performed, and produced the album all on his own. Connelly will be performing at this year’s ColdWaves in Cocksure, and is also among the numerous guests appearing on Red Room, the latest album from industrial/rock act PIG, due for release on May 17 via Armalyte Industries.


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