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Given the subjective passage of time, it’s almost unfathomable to believe that Author & Punisher is celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 2024, and the prominent industrial doom act is celebrating by headlining a North American tour. Beginning on February 23 and continuing until March 3, the tour will see the band supported by Glassing and Morne, with stops including Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, Brooklyn, Toronto, Quebec City, and more. Recounting the project’s history, Tristan Shone explains that he began Author & Punisher to achieve a greater efficiency as a one-person band, having tired of the complexities of a full band; starting with a guitar and a drum machine, the project came to prominence for Shone’s experiments with his self-designed drone machines, resulting in a singular and still unique presentation. “My right hand is cycling through beats and I’m visualizing how I can meld the mechanical and the atonal; it has become second nature.” He goes on to say, “I’ve had some great on stage experiences, but equally valuable were the experiences… the weird ones where someone goes out of their way to take you somewhere to eat or see something that is off the charts.” A full listing of tour dates can be found on Author & Punisher’s website, with tickets going on sale at 10:00am EST on Friday, January 12. Author & Punisher’s latest release was Krüller, released in 2022 via Relapse Records; the album had appeared on ReGen Magazine‘s “Top 50 Albums of 2022.”
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