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B.W. – the enigmatic figure behind Taiwanese industrial act Anger (奰) – has launched the second issue of his newsletter series, appropriately labeled Anger Management. Within its pages, the artist shares more than a rundown of his own creative excursions, but dives deeply into his passion for hard electronic and industrial music, with articles focusing on a myriad of relevant topics – the proliferation, ethics, and market effectiveness of A.I. (with this issue even delving into A.I.-generated personalities throughout Asia), fashion, streaming services like Spotify, and what such things signify for changes in the music industry, as well as bits of artwork and other oddities. Published today, Anger Management #2 is now available here, while a “Zine” version in PDF format is available exclusively to Anger (奰)’s Bandcamp followers.
Album CoverAnger (奰) has also announced the March 15 release of the debut EP Refutation of All Heresies, which will be in a limited vinyl run. “The age of outrage is here in full force,” B.W. states, “And along with it comes a new set of problems, particularly evident in modern discourse. Are we well equipped to deal with worldviews foreign to us?” The EP’s six tracks deal with issues of the ramifications and historical contexts of free speech and censorship, fanaticism, and organized religion, inspired primarily by the current sociopolitical landscape and Carl Jung’s “Modern Man in Search of a Soul.” The EP will feature the “Purge” single featuring John Gerteisen of Hexen Prozess, along with cover versions of songs by Hellhammer and Discharge. B.W. states that Refutation of All Heresies will not see a release on major streaming platforms, and that a full-length album is due for the third quarter of the year, to be titled Grandiose Delusions.


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