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After a lengthy hiatus, Finnish industrial/metal band Pentatonik has reformed, returned, and renamed itself as Alfa Pentatonik, with new single “Pelkojemme Perintö” out now via Inverse Records. A brooding track inspired by the sounds of Rammstein and MINISTRY, the title translates to English as “The Legacy of Our Fears,” the lyrics detailing the band’s evolution and the processes that have made the members of Alfa Pentatonik who they are today. “Pelkojemme Perintö” and its corresponding lyric video were released on March 9, available digitally on Bandcamp.


After the original lineup of Pentatonik dissolved in 2006, Alfa Pentatonik now features founding member JP Immonen now joined by newly recruited vocalist Janne Partanen (Hautajaisyö, Marraskuun Lapset, Uhriristi); joining the duo on “Pelkojemme Perintö” is backup vocalist Maya Liittokiv (Crystal Extasy, Deathlike Silence), with a guitar solo provided by Harri Hytönen (The Scourger, Hammerhed). The band is currently hard at work in a forthcoming full-length album, which will see Alfa Pentatonik tackling old favorites alongside new compositions.


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