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The passing of Mark Lanegan in February of this year marked a great loss for the world of modern music, as his soulful and emotive voice helped to define the sound of alternative rock. Among the last of his output was his darkly electronic collaboration with Joe Cardamone under their alter-egos of Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe, with the pair’s eponymous album released in October of last year. From that album now comes the video for “Hiraeth,” created by Cardamone as a eulogy for his late friend and band mate utilizing footage the duo had shot in Lanegan’s home of Killarney, Ireland during his recovery from a coma as a result of his bout with Covid in March of 2021. “He looked so genuinely happy there, more so than maybe I ever saw in Los Angeles,” Cardamone explains, describing the Irish town as a peaceful and “breathtaking corner of the world” as the two prioritized spending time together as friends over creating a video. “Hiraeth” also features a montage of Lanegan’s musical career, showcasing his numerous ventures in such bands as Screaming Trees, Twilight Singers, Queens of the Stone Age, Gutter Twins, and more, all to pay tribute to his artistic legacy and to depict the sense of one’s life flashing before their eyes at the moment of death. The title of “Hiraeth” loosely translates from the original Welsh as nostalgia “or strong longing for a life, place, or time, one that may have never even existed.”

The video for “Hiraeth” made its premiere on SPIN on May 13. Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe was released on October 15 via Rare Bird and Kitten Robot Records, and can be purchased digitally via the Kitten Robot webstore and Bandcamp, while the vinyl edition can be found on the Rare Bird webstore. Of the album, Lanegan had stated, “more than any other record I’ve ever made, it totally has the feel of a time and a place for me… because we did the bulk of it right in the midst of the pandemic, when things were getting crazy in Los Angeles and I was getting, uh, too close to the sun.” Before his death, Lanegan was creating demos for a new solo record, and he will be appearing on the forthcoming How Do You Burn? album from The Afghan Whigs.


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