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Annihilvs Power Electronix is celebrating this year’s Halloween with the release of a new album from Theologian, titled Contrapasso VNVS. The album’s 14 tracks are the culmination of hundreds of hours of material recorded over a seven-year period, with Theologian still considering the album to be a largely incomplete work; originally intended as a triptych, the record was to be divided into three separate items, each released by different labels in different formats. From 2015 to 2022, Contrapasso VNVS was created with various collaborators, including Derek Rush (Chthonic Streams, Dream into Dust), Mike McClatchy (Lament Cityscape), Raab Codec and Elizabeth Virosa (Snowbeasts), and Federico Zanatta and Chiara Lee (Father Murphy), with the album photography by Gretchen Heinel (Fragile Body).

Furthermore, the label has also announced the Celebrity Victims single by NUSP, Theologian’s collaborative project with Nicole Palmer (Telladictorian, ex-Prometheus Burning); following up on the pair’s מִלחָמָה (WAR) EP released this past September, the single showcases the Mach Slvt remix of the title track created by electronic composer X7INCEN7X, transforming the song into an industrial/synthwave/IDM hybrid. Referred to as a “digital 7-inch,” the single also features the B-side track “Gang Bang Part 1,” with both tracks offering the first taste of a full-length album, Never Underestimate Satan’s Power, in which X7INCEN7X reinterprets the majority of NUSP’s debut EP, along with new tracks recorded by the trio throughout the remainder of 2023.

Both Contrapasso VNVS and Celebrity Victims will be released digitally on October 31 via Annihilvs Power Electronix, with pre-orders now available via Bandcamp.


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