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Brucia Records co-founders Giorgio Barroccu and Void have joined forces in a new creative endeavor; crafting a sound that blends post-punk and doom metal with dark ambient textures, Grieving Sea sees the duo adopting a deliberately lo-fi production style “with the aim of conveying a profound sense of calamity.” The band’s debut album, titled Donewiz, represents the pair’s goals not only for the band but also for the Brucia imprint to move away from the boundaries of extreme metal; the title, the medieval name of Dunwich, relates to a once busy port on the Suffolk coast, which Barroccu explains is “now a ghost town that has gradually disappeared under the sea since the year 1286 due to numerous storms and coastal erosion.” The album’s seven tracks are thus a lament of lives lost and washed away, while also evoking the literary works of H.P. Lovecraft, particularly The Dunwich Horror. Featuring collaborations with cellist Sarah Townley (The Sun and the Mirror) and vocalist Trine Paaschburg (Mouth Wound), Donewiz is due for release on July 8 via Brucia Records in digital and CD formats; pre-orders are available now via Bandcamp.


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