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Society of the Silver Cross has released a new music video for “Dissolve and Merge,” the latest single off the 1 Verse full-length debut album. Utilizing photos by Ernie Sapiro, the video depicts the goth/rock duo’s hometown of Seattle, WA in the midst of the COVID-19 quarantines, the song’s themes calling upon the listener to “look optimistically at what the future holds, which must be better than our present.” The band further explains the song to be “about the wave and how it belongs to the ocean and isn’t separate from it; it soon returns to where it came from,” with the chords of each individual section relating to “life’s choices and possibilities.” Of the video, songwriter Joe Reineke comments that Sapiro had asked to use the song for a photo montage of one day in the city, stating that the music’s “dark and hopeful aspects” would be a perfect fit; Reineke states, “We hadn’t planned to do a video for this track, but it seemed like the timing was perfect.” Furthermore, the band states that although the visuals focus on Seattle, “it could be anywhere in the world, any city. It’s a snapshot of darkness before the clearing of the clouds, forecasting the waves of possibilities.”

1 Verse was released on June 28, 2019, and is now available in digital, CD, and vinyl formats. Created by Joe Reineke and Karyn Gold-Reineke, the album focuses on themes of life and death, shadows and light, with the music blending aspects of gothic Americana with textures and melodies inspired by the music of India. The band is currently working on a second album.


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