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Bryce Seditz has spent the last decade forging his own blackened and sludgy path in the world of metal with his band Plaguewielder; now, he is pursuing a new form of sonic extremity with the formation of Above & Below, which will soon be unveiling the Suffer. Decay. Alone. debut album. What initially began as Seditz’s solo project after the release of Plaguewielder’s Covenant Death album in 2021 has grown into a reflection of his surroundings as the mines and steel mills drive the mechanical thrust and distorted ambience of Above & Below, drawing comparisons to industrial/metal progenitors like MINISTRY and Godflesh. The album’s latest single, “Ghosts” makes its premiere today via PopMatters, while other tracks like “Isolate” and “Rust” can be streamed via Bandcamp; calling the new single “unforgiving” and one of his favorites from the album, Seditz explains that the song’s lyrical themes “about a failing relationship/friendship along with the existential crisis of ‘is this where I belong/who am I as a person?'” strike a very personal chord for him. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Chrome Waves bassist Jeff Wilson, Suffer. Decay. Alone. will be released on June 10 via Wilson’s own Disorder Recordings, with cover artwork created by Chris Smith. A video for “Rust,” directed by Matt Tluchowski, is available to view on YouTube.



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