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Melting Rust Opera, the industrial/noise collaborative project of A.I. Zero’s Flesh Wire with Wilson May, has released a new EP, titled Future Loss of Memory. As the follow-up to the band’s 2018 Future Memory and the 2017 Darkness Will Not Be the End debut, the EP includes guest performances on three of its five tracks from the likes of fellow noisemakers vocalist Miri, guitarist Ingo Blue, and Joe Silva. Released on February 3 via Bandcamp, Future Loss of Memory is a revised edition of an album of the same title released by Craneal Fracture Records under Flesh Wire’s Flash Beach moniker in early 2018; originally an album of 10 tracks, this new EP version marks the first original material from Melting Rust Opera after a period spent creating remixes for Laibach with 2017’s Bossanova Remixes, and HEALTH with the Feel Nothing Remixes in June 2019, along with a German language rendition of the latter track released as a standalone track in December.


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