Dec 2018 01

New double album from Nothing But Noise
With the completion of the eXistence Oscillation trilogy earlier this year, Nothing But Noise will be closing out 2018 with a new double album, titled Formations Magnetiques et Phenomenes d’Incertitude. The title translates to “Magnetic Formations and Phenomenon of Uncertainty,” as the record sees Front 242’s Daniel Bressanutti and Dirk Bergen delving further into electronic explorations “too rich to fit onto only one record.” Conceptually designed as the observations of two series of physics experiments, the two-disc album comprised of eight tracks “opens up a breach in its own space-time and races inside of it, bends it, and gives it new shapes to their wishes in order to explore it in all directions at the same time,” with each track presenting elements of “past, present, and future” in a manner similar to the precediing trilogy from Nothing But Noise. Formations Magnetiques et Phenomenes d’Incertitude will be released on December 14 and is available for pre-order via Storming the Base


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