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Friday, March 3 saw the release of Insulin Shocks, a compilation showcasing 62 bands to raise awareness and funds for the cause of diabetes research. With all proceeds to be donated to the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, Insulin Shocks was curated and assembled by Bryan Null and Steve Saunders (Mr. Zoth, Skull Cultist) to provide “a glucose elevating treat for underground music nerds and scene newcomers alike” – with the styles featuring encompassing the world of industrial, EBM, darkwave, and more, the collection is a name-your-price item on Bandcamp. “Diabetes means the world to us, because it is our world,” Saunders and Null explain, both having been diagnosed as diabetics and calling it a matter of utmost importance, “We feel it’s only a matter of time before diabetes in general is cured… or, at the very least, can be fully prevented.” Among the bands featured on the compilation are Stoneburner, M73, The Gothsicles, Eva X, Choke Chain, Slighter, Solemn Assembly, Psyence Fiction, Matt Hart, Pro Patria, Order of the Static Temple, Mach FoX with Zeven Odd Gods, INVA//ID, W.A.S.T.E., Damascus Knives, Bounte, UCNX, Out Out, and Stahlschlag. Insulin Shocks was mastered by Mark Alan Miller of Out Out.


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