Feb 2019 19

New collaborative project, Krate, announces debut album
Roland Zwaga (Acidrodent, Construct) and Chriss Shortt (VERIN) have joined forced to create a new collaborative band, Krate. Delving into varying modes of industrial, glitch, drone, and everything in between, the duo has announced a debut album, Swarm of Voices, to be released via Audiotrauma. In addition, the album will feature a myriad of guest performers, including Ophelia (Ecstasphere, Aphexia) and Mads Lindgren (Monolog), as well as members of W.O.R.M., Corlyx, Noire Antidore, and more; mastering duties for Swarm of Voices will be handled by Chase Dobson (Cellar Graves, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, c.db.sn), while the cover artwork was created by Dutch artist Choi Wong. According to Krate, while the album will consist of 10 tracks, “we have way more than that though, so expect an EP (or two) to follow the album!” No release date for Swarm of Voices has been announced at this time, but it is expected to be later in 2019.


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