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Reel Art Press has announced the publication of a new book showcasing the collaboration between shock rocker Marilyn Manson and photographer Ralph Perou. Having been Manson’s principle photographer since 1998 and referred to as the only one he has ever really trusted, Perou has been visually capturing the artist on-and-off the stage around the world, culminating in 21 Years in Hell – featuring over 350 photos, many of which previously unpublished, that range from formal conceptual portraits to informal behind-the-scenes shots to give an intimate insight into the world of Marilyn Manson. Stating that he has been “confused” for a majority of the time spent in Manson’s company, Perou comments that “The last 21 years, dipping in and out of Marilyn Manson’s stratosphere, have been a blur; people, events, and places coming in and out of focus, the early years more disorienting than those that followed.” When asked who his favorite photographic subject has been, he replied, “It’s always Marilyn Manson, which is just as well, considering how many times I’ve photographed him.” Complete with transcripts of conversations, the book presents the professional and personal relationship between the two, highlighting the inspirations and influences behind Manson’s often controversial image and persona. In one of the transcripts, Manson recalls meeting the photographer for the first time, dressed in a bomber jacket, high-laced boots, “fully British, barely understandable,” and automatically becoming comfortable around him.
Born in 1970, Ralph Perou’s career began in the early ’90s during his tenure at Click Studios, shooting for various bands and magazines, including fetish and erotic imagery. Among his more notable subjects aside from Manson are the likes of David Attenborough, Al Gore, Gillian Anderson, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, and bands like Led Zeppelin, U2, and the Spice Girls.
Due for release in June 2020, Marilyn Manson by Perou: 21 Years in Hell is now available to pre-order via the Reel Art Press website. Additionally, a signed and numbered limited edition will be released later in the year. Of the book, Manson states, “Just because you have a fucking Instagram page does not make you Perou. That’s your quote.”


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