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Hymen Records has announced the latest album from experimental IDM artist Jeff Dodson under his Defrag moniker, marking the artist’s fifth LP overall. Known for his exploratory rhythms and cinematic sound design, the new album sees Defrag relating a tale of a decaying planet, with each track marking a new chapter in its resident civilization’s enduring sudden catastrophe; the story is further extrapolated as a combination of three EPs – Lost Lands, Lost Seas, and Lost Skies – marking the transition from a celebration of life to the remaining surviviors fleeing to the oceans in the aftermath of continental destruction, finally seeking salvation with the arrival of angels, ascending to safety. Mastered by Frank Riggio, the first Lost Lands EP will be released digitally on November 17, along with the Lost Worlds vinyl LP, which offers a condensed version of the aural narrative; the Lost Seas and Lost Skies EPs will follow at a later date, with “While Birds Ate” and “With Insects In My Head’ available to preview stream now. Lost Worlds follows up on Defrag’s 2022 Float album.

Furthermore, Hymen Records has announced the LO album from Frank Riggio, due for digital release on November 14. As the third in a four-part series (QU4DRILOGY, using the numerical substitution in its nomenclature), the project began initially in 2020, sparked from Riggio’s interests in quantum physics and concepts; aligned with visual accompaniments to create a scientific, symbolic, and surreal journey, the compositions showcase Riggio’s distinctive textures and intricately programmed rhythms. “Musique Quantique” and “Quantum Time” are available to preview stream. With the series moving in reverse, LO follows the September release of GY, which marked the fourth part. The QU4DRILOGY series follows up on Riggio’s psychexcess trilogy from 2015-2017.



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