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Swedish artist Fredrik Croona seems incapable of sitting stilll for any considerable length of time, having released music under such monikers as Cynical Existence, Menschdefekt, Project Rotten, and his own name of Croona. The release of the O.M.G. EP marks the latest effort from his Against I project, showcasing four original tracks and two remixes to showcase his signature blend of electrified EBM and metallic guitar-driven aggrotech; released on March 11 via Insane Records, the EP’s themes of Obscene Morbid Gore focus on the darker facets of human experience, specifically “death, murder, greed, and hate.” O.M.G. was preceded by the “Scum” debut single on February 11, with the EP featuring remixes of the song by Teknovore and DeathVerified.



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