Sep 2020 11

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When not laying waste to one’s eardrums with the blistering industrial/metal assault of Psyclon Nine or his NOT MY GOD collaboration with Tim Sköld, Nero Bellum is concocting a different sonic landscape with his experiments in modular and analog synthesis. Today marks the release of his sophomore solo effort, The Voice of Your Blood Cries to Me From the Soil, now available via Metropolis Records in CD and digital formats; like his previous outing, 2019’s NFRNº, this album sees Bellum exploring darkly ambient and percussive electronic tonality that “plays like a soundtrack to oblivion.” Each of the record’s 10 tracks were created entirely through modular synthesizer improvisations with no overdubs. The Voice of Your Blood Cries to Me From the Soil is available to purchase via Bandcamp and the Metropolis webstore.


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