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Spanish dark synthwave act Neon Sulphur – the project of composer Frost Flynn – has announced the first taste of the band’s upcoming debut album, CyberAlchemy, titled “The Time Machine.” Blending elements of orchestral metal, industrial, and melodic synthpop, the album is a concept piece with each track serving as a chapter in the story of a time traveler from the year 2094, named Liasel; in “The Time Machine,” the character is introduced in a land known as Sheol, “where alchemy and magic rule our lives,” searching for one known as The Alchemist, making for an odd mix of cyberpunk and fantasy. Due for release on February 26, “The Time Machine” will be released via OneRPM, with further details on CyberAlchemy to follow; additional visual elements to the album can be found on the Neon Sulphur Instagram and social media pages.



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