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Baltimore expressionist and experimental electro/industrial act Nahja Mora has announced details for the forthcoming AHFHAOTA album. Following up on the band’s Final Realization of Failure album in 2019, the material on this new album began with the foundation of Nahja Mora in 2005, with Josef Saint explaining that the very difficult personal topics explored on AHFHAOTA led to it being placed on the backburner; various elements would surface in a limited capacity on later releases, the October release of the 2021 Q3 Interim Report showcasing portions of the album’s ultimate development.

Describing the album as “conceptual, linear, and programmatic in nature,” Saint further explains the thematic framework of AHFHAOTA with this album statement:

The speaker is unable to communicate or relate. They recognize that to relate they must exploit themself. Exploiting themself brings them closer to that goal but for what purpose? to simply store those communication goals away as a memory? The feeling is being more than what they are is simply a fool’s wish. So why bother? The speaker turns to escape– a hedonist romp without caring to survive.. They unfortunately survive.
The speaker is surrounded; their loved ones are concerned. The speaker lies to get by. The speaker hates and hates and sees the world burning. The world and its pictures condition the speaker to violence. The speaker returns to self destruction. The speaker knows the truth but doesn’t care.
Then the speaker feels the weight. They are drowning. They are breaking themselves apart. They cannot keep themselves safe, and neither can you.
Now the bleeding begins. When you try to stand back up, things continue knocking you down. The summary of years of work is vile abandonment. You get away but society in another form continues tearing your soul apart. So give in to the darkness. Abandon the ones who claim they love you. Go out into the field and… be destroyed.

Produced by Saint, AHFHAOTA features instrumental contributions from longtime friends and associates Shawn Brice (Loveless Love) and Lilith Astartoh (Sorrowseed), as well as new guitarist Jeff Byers, and longtime members Jenny Rae Mettee (Fun Never Starts) and Hobart M. Blankenburg (Precision Field); Blankenburg died in 2020, with Nahja Mora dedicating AHFHAOTA to his memory. The album is due for release on May 1, with pre-orders available now via Bandcamp.


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