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The entrance of a child into one’s life brings forth a myriad of turbulent emotions, and composer/vocalist Amalie Bruun channels them with her latest release as Myrkur. Produced by Randall Dunn, Spine charts the artist’s euphoric journey seeking balance amid chaos, addressing themes of motherhood and human connection in an increasingly disconnected world – from the rise of A.I. to the restrictions of the pandemic, to the bonds between mother and child, with an underlying dose of Norse myth. Similarly, the artist’s music has been heralded over three studio albums and two EPs for its blend of Danish folk roots, black metal, and dark ambient soundscapes. A video for “Mothlike” was revealed in September, produced by Giuseppe Conti for Abyssal, and directed by David Fitt. Released on October 20 via Relapse Records, Spine is now available in digital, CD, and vinyl formats; the album follows up on Myrkur’s 2020 release of Folkesange, as well as the soundtrack album to Ragnarok, a stageplay by The Royal Theater of Denmark. Myrkur will be performing a series of European live dates in February and March of 2024, with more to be announced; a full listing of live dates and ticket links can be found on the artist’s website.



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