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Grand Rapids industrial /metal trio My Beautiful Suicide has unveiled the music video for “The Reckoning,” the first of three singles released in February. Shot in band founder Ian D.’s house during the COVID-19 lockdowns, the video was created with the participation of A Hole in the Head Productions’ Jon Conner, the band states the choice of “The Reckoning” as the first video was due to its “catchy, dark, and heavy” sound, going on to explain that each of the band’s songs are part of an overarching concept/story that will culminate in a full-length record; as such, “The Reckoning” takes place in the middle of the story, while also serving as an introduction to the band’s sound as a standalone track.

The Reckoning” was released on February 4, along with “Covered in Holes,” and “Disruptor” following the next day; all three are available via Bandcamp, with further singles to appear throughout the year. As stated, each song is part of a larger concept “with a positive message that will only be reachable through darker moments that haunt you through anger and fear.” Ian D. founded My Beautiful Suicide in 2014 while playing bass in another band, drawing on his love of early-to-mid ’90s industrial/rock and metal, citing the likes of Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and later groups like 3TEETH as primary inspirations; joining him in the band are Jeffrey Nothing and Tommy Church, the latter of which is responsible for production, mixing, and mastering of “The Reckoning” in such a way that upon hearing it, D. states he wanted it to be the first song released for the album. Videos for “Covered in Holes,” “Disruptor,” and the soon to be released “Dead Reflections” have also been produced and can be viewed on YouTube.


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