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Sunroof, the collaborative project of Daniel Miller and influential producer/engineer and artist Gareth Jones, has announced the release of its debut album, Electronic Music Improvisations Volume 1. As the founder of “accidental label” Mute Records, Miller first started working with Jones on what became Depeche Mode’s 1983 record Construction Time Again, beginning a practice of improvisational sessions after the band had left the studio; the collaboration grew into a remix project in the ’90s, reworking the likes of Goldfrapp, Can, MGMT, and appearing on the Neu! tribute compilation in 1998. In 2019 the duo found themselves in the same city before a concert and spent hours improvising, unusually deciding to record the session, which lead Jones to ask, “Are we actually going to make a record before we die?” The next day, the pair began work on Electronic Music Improvisations, recording each song live with a limited number of channels and no planning or rehearsals beforehand, creating a suite of improvisational pieces inspired by the concise and compact works of Chris Carter and Martin Gore. Due for release on May 21 in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, Electronic Music Improvisations Volume 1 is available for pre-order via the Mute webstore and Bandcamp; the opening track, “1.1-7.5.19” is available to preview stream now.



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