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Håvard Ellefsen has taken Mortiis through numerous changes in appearance and musical styles, and although there are plenty of facets to the undisputed goblin king of dark underground music that he continues to nurture, it is perhaps his standing as the unholy father of the subgenre referred to as dungeon synth that stands as his greatest creative accomplishment. So much so that as he has returned to and revised that audiovisual persona in recent years, he has been applying his more refined standards to his past material through several reissues and remasters, all amounting to his From the Vaults series. As its latest entry, The Unfolding of the Gates sees Mortiis revisiting a live recording in which he first performed his 1998 album The Stargate prior to its release. Following up on last year’s release of Transmissions From the Western Walls of Time, which documented a show from 1997, The Unfolding of the Gates was performed on July 25, 1998, with plans for the album to be issued in digital, CD, and vinyl formats; like the preceding entry in the series, the cover showcases artwork by David Thiérrée, providing a visual complement to concepts Mortiis presents in his Secrets of My Kingdom book. A release date for The Unfolding of the Gates has not yet been revealed.


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