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Norway’s resident goblin of dark music, Mortiis has announced the release of a new album for early 2020, titled Spirit of Rebellion, calling upon the band’s street team members to aid in the record’s promotion through the passing of flyers. The artist had originally teased the new album’s sound with the release of the “Visions of an Ancient Future” video earlier this year; directed, written, and produced by Finnish autear Ari Savonen, the video demonstrated Mortiis’ continued exploration of the “dungeon synth” sound that defined his earlier “Era-1” material, which was then followed by a North American tour in March/April.

In addition, the LP reissues of 1994’s Ånden som Gjorde Opprør and 1995’s Keiser av en Dimensjon Ukjent are currently being repressed in collaboration with Funeral Industries, as the original pressings are now sold out; these new limited edition pressings will be available in different color variants – 200 “Spectral Fog” and 450 “Sacrificial Blood” versions for Ånden som Gjorde Opprør, 200 “Eye of the Cosmos” and 450 “Northern Soil” versions for Keiser av en Dimensjon Ukjent – each containing an A2 poster based on the original photo shoots for each album, now available via the Mortiis webstore.
Finally, for those who prefer Mortiis more aggressive industrial/metal leanings, the artist will also be releasing A Violent Dream – “From the Vaults,” Part 1: Doppelganger – the first entry in a series containing seven tracks of unreleased demos and alternate recordings from 2016’s The Great Deceiver and 2010’s Perfectly Defect. Mortiis refers to the creative process during these two records to have been “frought with inner turmoil, mental health issues, and personal drama to the point where it left the band wrecked, with no record deal, no management, no agents, and virtually no members,” leaving only founder/front man Håvard “Mortiis” Ellefsen and longtime cohort Levi Gawron. Named for the first single from The Great Deceiver, Doppelganger will be released in physical formats in early 2020, with digital pre-orders soon to apear via all major outlets.


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