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Based in Berlin, Swiss experimental artist Morgane Matteuzzi has unveiled her latest single to showcase her new artistic direction. Driven by her blend of distorted screams and operatic vocals, “You Don’t Care” demonstrates the darker paths of her songwriting with themes centered on the connections between toxic relationships and mental health; “In this creation,” the artist explains, “you can not only experience the desperation that so many people feel being on a dark and endless journey to which there is no end, but also the sheer sense of relief when they realize that there is real hope and light at the end of the tunnel.” Composed by Matteuzzi, the track sees her collaborating with producer Etienne Pelesoff (Trve Brutal Black Jazz), infusing her unique vocal approach with avant-garde electronic beats and atmospheres.

Prior to “You Don’t Care,” Matteuzzi had released the “Blue” single, on which the artist sang of her synesthesia – a condition that allows her to experience music and sound in visual terms like colors, shapes, and textures. Her debut “Rewind” single was released in 2019. She is represented by Nyxx Management and plans to release more music throughout 2020.


Morgane Matteuzzi
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