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To say that Mona Mur is a powerful force in underground music would be a vast understatement as her music has infused her innovative and aggressive sound design with a genre-defying melodicism that often borders on dark pop and rock. Her latest output has seen her returning to the more avant-garde industrial textures of her roots, culminating in her forthcoming Snake Island record, due to arrive on September 30 via GIVE/TAKE in digital and CD formats. Following up on 2019’s Delinquent, the record sees Mur celebrating cultural and societal shifts toward the condemnation of late-stage capitalism, the 10 songs written composed with Ralf Goldkind described as “melancholy doomy, romantic, apocalyptic,” mastered by Jon Caffery (Joy Division, Gary Numan, Einstürzende Neubauten). “I came across a story about a small island off the Brazilian shores, where 20,000 snakes’ dwell, deadly poisonous vipers,” the artist explains about the album’s title, “They sleep nine months, then awake – only when a certain species of birds of passage stop by to breed their children – so, the snakes can eat them and survive. The snakes are everywhere. They’ve killed three lighthouse keepers, so that the lighthouse is abandoned now.” Referring to herself as an inhabitant of that island, “maybe even as one of the snakes,” Snake Island presents Mona Mur experiencing the sort of imaginative and creative freedom that once again recalls her roots in the Berlin punk and industrial scenes of the early ’80s.


Mona Mur
Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram
Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram
Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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