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Mike Evans of U.K. electro/rock act MiXE1 has embarked on a new creative endeavor – an animated video/music series titled X-RL7. Having been in development over the course of a year, the show combines Evans’ affinity for pixel art, music, comedy, social commentary, and cyberpunk as the show follows the exploits of the fictional titular band; X-RL7‘s mysterious front man Omega, guitarist/producer PJ, and flamboyant manager Alfie encounter various characters and situations as they navigate the music industry in a futuristic world. Originally beginning in 2016 as a point-and-click adventure game that would include original music, Evans honed his skills as an animator with the YouTube series Project Anything and further developed what was to become X-RL7, repurposing the remnants of the original project in 2018 and continuing to write music with MiXE1 and for the new story. Adding to the show is a myriad of guest musicians performing as voice actors, including the likes of Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence and Euringer, Shiv-R’s Pete Crane, AL1CE’s Natasha Cox and Sasha Travis, Richard Kaltenhauser of Machine Rox, Mikey AlterRed, Studio-X’s Lawrie Bayldon and Bridgette Hill, Nyxx, and Daniel Graves of Aesthetic Perfection, as well as Evan’s MiXE1 band mate Lee Towson, and more; Evans comments, “I am very blessed that so many super talented artists have taken the time to lend their voices to the project, embracing the world of X-RL7 and the music.”

The series is free to watch on YouTube, with the first episode now available and plans to release a new episode every two weeks; as well, the X-RL7 Backstage mini-documentary series and lyric videos will be released in the interim. Additionally, the debut Apotheosis Music album of original music featured in the series is also available to purchase via Bandcamp; mastered by Tom Waltz, the album contains 10 original tracks featuring performances by members of MiXE1, Studio-X, Essence of Mind, Lights A.M, Machine Row, and Rockstar Esoterica. More music will be released as the show progresses. As well, a Patreon page for X-RL7 also includes various perks at different levels, including guitar tabs, the MiXE1 discography, personalized audio messages, and early access to audio and video materials.


Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
Website, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube
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