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After five years, U.K. electro/alt. rock band MiXE1 has released its second full-length studio album, Reflections, following up on the band’s 2014 Starlit Skin release. “Reflections represents the relationship between the world within us and the world around us,” states vocalist Mike Evans, “how the stories we tell ourselves over and over influence how we experience reality and, adversely, the effect of the media we consume.” The album hosts a bevy of notable guest musicians, including vocal performances from Natasha Cox (Mankind is Obsolete), Roman Marisak (Professional Murder Music), Erlend Eilertsen (Essence of Mind), Richard K (Machine Rox), and JP Anderson (Rabbit Junk); Lawrie Bayldon of Studio-X also appears on the track “Don’t Break Apart,” providing additional synths, while the core MiXE1 duo of Evans and Lee Towson is joined by drummer Lee O’Brien. “Don’t Break Apart” was released as a single in February 2017, featuring a remix by Ruinizer and the non-album track “Meteor.”


In addition, the band has also unveiled a lyric video for the “Spectrum” single, shot by the band and edited by Stereo 27 Productions. Reflections is now available to purchase via Bandcamp, Amazon, CDBaby, and all other major online outlets.


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