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As a musician and vocalist, as well as a makeup artist and actress, Tiffany Trezzo – a.k.a. Miss Trezz – has been forging quite a creative path. Releasing an EP and several standalone singles since 2019, the Los Angeles-based artist has addressed issues of mental health, negative self-image, and obsessive and toxic relationships. Her latest single, “Ugly” explores the psychological effects of Stockholm Syndrome, touching on the “twisted pleasure” a victim attaches to cycles of abuse and trauma, unable – and unwilling – to sever bonds with an abuser. Following up on her “Love Sick Love” single released this past March, “Ugly” was written by Trezzo with producer Travis Bacon – a.k.a. Svart – from Los Angeles industrial/metal act Contracult, with whom she had collaborated on previous singles “Choke” and “Warzone.” The song is now available to stream via Spotify and Bandcamp.


Miss Trezz/Tiffany Trezzo
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Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram
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