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Last month saw the arrival of “Distractions,” the latest single from darkwave and electro-pop artist Miss FD, marking her first release of new material in a year. Now, she has unveiled the accompanying music video, directed by Miami fashion photographer Azalea Jeanette; “I enjoyed creating an aesthetic and narrative based around the three different personalities presented by Miss FD in this song,” she explains, the artist performing in a neon-lit cyber tunnel, by the ocean, and in a blacked out room reminiscent of a mental ward. The oceanic scenes are intended to symbolize the connections between nature and humanity, reflecting on the song’s themes of finding balance amid excess digital noise and the chaos of the world. The blackout room scenes are adorned with illustrations by comic book artist Chandra Free to emphasize this aspects fractured and whimsical demeanor, while the tunnel sequence matches the harder-edge cyber dancefloor tone of the track.

“Distractions” was released via Quantum Release Records on August 4; mixed and mastered by Alex Dalliance of Vulture Culture, the song is available digitally via Bandcamp and all major streaming outlets. The video marks Azalea Jeannette’s directorial debut. Chandra Free is the writer/illustrator of the graphic novel series The God Machine, and is the co-founder/co-creator of the Machina Corpse anthology series.


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