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Dark electronic artist Miss FD has released a music video for the new track “Spitfire,” out now via Quantum Release Records. The track features industrial artist Vulture Culture, with whom she also collaborated on 2018’s “Ashes of Stars,” with the song showcasing a darker, more aggressive sound for Miss FD. “It’s always great to work with Miss FD,” Vulture Culture states, expressing the pair’s desite to “push the envelope” with how aggressive they could go “while still sounding like us.” As the first music video solely directed by Miss FD, she comments on her “D.I.Y. approach” to create something “playful, personal, and powerful.” Miss FD’s fourth full-length album, Transcendence was released in June 2018, with the “Ashes of Stars” and the “Krampus Song” singles following before “Spitfire.”



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