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Often credited as the leading industrial/metal entity in Sweden and helping to shape the scene in the ’90s, Misery Loves Co returns from a silence of 19 years with a new album titled ZERO. Since reforming in 2016, the band has been writing new material and releasing a steady stream of singles, the first being “Would You?” in 2017 and the latest being “Way Back Home” in July 2019; aside from the cover of Garbage’s “Only Happy When It Rains,” all the new material was written by the core duo of Patrik Wirén and Örjan Örnkloo with Michael Hahne, and featuring live drumming by Jesper Skarin. ZERO will be released on November 29 and is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp in CD, digital, and vinyl formats, the latter being presented in both transparent red and splatter red/black double-LP variants; ZERO marks the first new full-length album from Misery Loves Co since 2000’s Your Vision Was Never Mine to Share.


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