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2020’s Lurid Orange introduced audiences to the psychedelic alternative and post-rock fury of Miscellen; Blue Ruin appeared one-year-to-the-day later, expanding on the compositional and sonic parameters of the album that preceded it. Now, the collective is using its diverse and aggressive sound to transport listeners to greater depths of cosmic delirium with today’s release of Black Mandala I, the first in a two-part series. Cerebral and spiritual themes about the ambiguities of existence and the struggle to attain a greater understanding of one’s identity and culture in the vastness of time and space abound as Black Mandala I, with Miscellen incorporating further influence from Eastern traditions and instrumentation throughout its eight tracks; conversely, aside from new drummer Joe King, the band members remain consistent from the previous albums with guitarist/bassist/vocalist Jason Sevanick, guitarist Rick Furr, vocalist Tyler Wolosin, and contributions from lyricist/violinist Paul Green and vocalist China Blue Fish. “To find your way, you have to crash and collide with everyone else trying to find theirs,” the group states, “and the wreckage is left in place to provide choices and intrigue to all those who follow.” Black Mandala I was released today, August 26, and is available digitally through Bandcamp, with Black Mandala II likely to follow on the same date in 2023 – “when and where it takes you next, you’ll come to know.”


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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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