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Los Angeles based Asian/American electronic duo Ming & Ping has released a new three-track EP, titled Los Angeles November 2019, paying tribute to Ridley Scott’s iconic film Blade Runner. Set against a backdrop of synths and samples recorded in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the EP creates a narrative of the life story of a replicant, in which they “ask what it is to be alive and to be human.” Los Angeles November 2019 can be streamed via Spotify, and is available to purchase digitally via Amazon.
Influenced by ’80s new wave and science fiction, the project was formed in 2002 in San Francisco by Hong Kong born identical twin brothers Ming and Ping and their producer/creative director Bao Vo; the group’s music has been featured in numerous films and television shows, as well as ad spots for such companies as Transworld Snowboarding, CrossFit, Burton Snowboards, and more; their pioneering performance art live shows inspired by Cantonese Opera, known as “The Ming & Ping Dynasty,” and have been exhibited with groups including Freezepop, Major Lazer, West Indian Girl, and Ultraviolet Sound.


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