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Four years since the band’s last release, industrial/rock act Mindless Faith has at long last released its seventh full-length album, titled Insectual. Showcasing 12 new tracks written and produced by band founder Jason Sevanick, with assistance from band mates and associates Rick “MindCage” Furr, Paul Green, and Chris “Exeris” Sevanick, Insectual presents the less dance-oriented aspects of Mindless Faith’s sound in favor of more cinematic qualities and what are described as “insidious rhythms, primal mentality, and searing allegories.” In addition, the album features guest vocalists from regular contributors Kim Dylla and Monica Durant, along with Tyler Wolosin, Dave Taylor, :3lon, and drummer Eric Surratt.

Released on October 10 via the band’s own AlterCulture Records imprint, Insectual is now available digitally via Bandcamp and the AlterCulture website. A music video for the track “Moth Without a Moon” directed by Paul Green, and starring dance Roseanna Anderson is now available to view on YouTube.


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