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Although Anton Corbijn is perhaps being the most renowned in this group, many designers and photographers have held the distinction of contributing to the visual identity of iconic electronic music act Depeche Mode; one such artist is Michaela Olexova, who worked extensively as an editor of the band’s official fan club magazine BONG. Born in the Czech Republic and now based in the U.K., she has now assembled some of her finest photographs in a new publication that spans her work from 1994 to 2002; due for release on November 4 via The Baoli Ltd., Dream: Depeche Mode Photographs features digitally reproduced photos that have appeared in the aforementioned BONG magazine, along with several never before released photos captured on various tours, in the studio, and behind the scenes, including images that were part of the 2007 Ultra Collector’s Edition, and some that were originally displayed in Prague in 1996 as part of an award winning exhibition. “This is my personal tribute to Depeche Mode, their music and their fans,” Olexova comments, going on to say that the band significantly influenced her life and career, and that she “inspire others to dream big and believe that anything really is possible.” With 5% of the proceeds to be donated to the Mind charity for mental health, Dream: Depeche Mode Photographs 1994-2002 is available for pre-order via Olexova’s website in a standard edition with black cover, and a white cover edition limited to 1,000 copies, each numbered and signed by the author with an exclusive photo print.


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