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It has been five years since the Canadian ambient and electro-pop entity known as Delerium has released any new material, but at long last, the silence has been broken as Metropolis Records announces the reissuing of the band’s first seven albums. Founded in 1987 as a side project of Front Line Assembly members Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber, these seven albums present the early new age and ambient sounds of Delerium, before the incorporation of guest vocalists and more danceable textures that began with 1994’s Semantic Spaces and evolved even further on the highly acclaimed Karma album in 1997. With original label Dossier Records now defunct and all original pressings long out-of-print, these new reissues include:

  1. Faces, Forms, and Illusions (1988)
  2. Morpheus (1989)
  3. Syrophenikan (1990)
  4. Spiritual Archives (1991)
  5. Stone Tower (1991)
  6. Spheres I (1994)
  7. Spheres II (1994)

Newly remastered, all seven records will be available individually and bundled, with each printed on limited edition white vinyl sets, as well as in digital and CD formats. Pre-orders are available via Bandcamp, with all seven records to be simultaneously released on March 4, 2022.


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