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Almost five years since the “metaltronic” act’s Critical Mass debut, Planepacked has announced the release of its second full-length effort, titled Transactinides. The new album will see founder Jessica Kagan sharing vocal duties with Moss Girl, bringing in a harsher dynamic that contrasts with Kagan’s more melodic approach and solidifying the band’s blend of IDM with progressive and extreme forms of metal; thematically addressing topics of identity and the reinvention of oneself, Transactinides also marks the project’s first outing since Kagan’s gender transition, while the first three tracks tie into her Endian Project fantasy series. Transactinides also features visuals from Mario Teodosio, with the album due to appear on April 8; along with 2017’s Critical Mass, Planepacked has also released the Polyhedron and Alien Minds: Music For Stellaris EPs as name-your-price items on Bandcamp.




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