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After debuting Metadevice with the February 2020 release of Studies For a Vortex, André Coelho follows up with the new album, titled Ubiquitarchia. Composed in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the new record shows the artist touching on themes of loss and creative impulses in human beings; as such, Ubiquitarchia features a more stripped down approach with colder, more electronic and synthesized elements, removing many of the “warmer” acoustic sounds of scrap metal and drums that adorned much of the previous release. As well, the new album is primarily instrumental with vocals only provided through the occasional sample. Mastered by John Stillings and available digitally via Malignant Records, a physical cassette edition of Ubiquitarchia will be released on September 18; both digital and physical copies can be ordered via Bandcamp.


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